Wild Fermented Olives | Water, Salt, Olives and Time...lots of time!

Gamila MacRury with her saffron in Beechworth

Hand picked and wild fermented in the Mediterranean tradition. Our Australian olives are fermented for a minimum of 18 months in natural spring water and Australian kiln-dried sea salt, this process allows us to remove all the bitterness, while preserving the natural flavour of the olive. Ensuring we bring the beautiful to your kitchen.
Sourced from unirrigated groves in the Victorian High Country as our estate trees are still coming into maturity at 10 years old. We grow 8 dedicated table olives varieties, including: Kalamata and Koroneiki from Greece, Manzanillo, Hojiblanca and Sevillano from Spain and Azapa from Chile. Our olives are flavoured, where possible with estate grown herbs and spices, including saffron, lemon myrtle, bay laurel, lemon, chilli and basil.