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Saffron extract
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Our premium Australian saffron comes from the heart of the high country, on a sunny north facing slope, just outside of Beechworth.
Handpicked in autumn, it is aged for 6 months to help develop its flavour, it is then processed into our unique saffron extract, ensuring you receive only the best quality Australian saffron in your kitchen.

Our Australian Saffron Extract allows you to easily add a dash of saffron deliciousness to any dish. whether it be your breakfast smoothie, nightly cocktail or any meal in between. Working as nature's ultimate flavour enhancer, to works to bring all the flavours in your dish together and make them sing, like salt, you won't necessarily notice it's presence, but you will notice it's absence.

Ready to use, no messy soaking or grinding, just add a few drops to your smoothies, eggs, stock or pasta, to have your dishes come to life.

Vegan friendly

Ingredients: Australian saffron, Australian neutral spirit

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