Summertime - Wild Fermented Olives

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Hand picked and wild fermented in the Mediterranean tradition. Our Australian olives are fermented for a minimum of 18 months in natural spring water and Australian kiln-dried sea salt, this process allows us to remove all the bitterness, while preserving the natural flavour of the olive. Ensuring we bring the beautiful to your kitchen.

Summertime is a blend of olives flavoured with bay, lemon and cloves, these olives are a great treat. The clove and bay brings the warmth of summer, while the lemon brings a little subtle brightness.
Perfect in salads or cooking, they also go superbly with a beer.
Current varieties included are Coratina.

Medals Awarded:
Bronze - Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards 2022
Silver - Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards 2019
Bronze - Australian Food Awards 2019

Ingredients: Australian Olives, Salt, Water
Best Before is 2 years.
Kosher Certified