Egyptian Sukkha - 80g

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Egyptian Sukkha - 80g

From the Sanskrit meaning happiness, pleasure or bliss, we take our inspiration for our Sukkha.
Based on the traditional dukkha concept of ground nuts and spices, we take walnuts grown in the Victorian High Country, toast them to bring out their caramel notes, grind with exotic spices such as cardamom and Sri Lankan cinnamon, mix with cacao and rapadura sugar and a little dose of saffron magic is added.

Perfect with breakfast fruit, muesli, yoghurt. Add it to your banana bread, or simply sprinkle on ice cream for an indulgent treat.
Not vegan friendly.
Once you receive your sukkha, please keep refrigerated to ensure a longer shelf life.

Ingredients: Walnut, sesame, sugar, cacao, ghee, spices, salt
Allergens: sesame seeds, lactose, walnuts

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