Australian Saffron Threads

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Saffron Sachets
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Our premium Australian Saffron comes from the heart of the high country, on a sunny north facing slope, just outside of Beechworth.
Handpicked in autumn, it is aged for 6 months to help develop its flavour, it is then sealed in light and air tight sachets, ensuring you receive only the best quality Australian saffron in your kitchen.

A single sachet of our Australian Saffron threads, contains 6-9 strands, which is enough saffron for an average dish for 4 people.
Our 10 pack of sachets, ensures that if you are an occasional saffron user, your saffron stays in perfect condition waiting for your next kitchen adventure.

For your first time using saffron a simple recipe to follow is our Friday Night Steak Special or for further inspiration check out our full recipe list.