Close up of Gamila with saffron strands in palm

While saffron might not be on your regular shopping list, it’s one of the most versatile spices and can be used in almost any dish you create. You might think of saffron as a colouring agent but what you have come to expect from saffron is sadly due to adulterated and fake products that use dyes to give you the impression of saffron. They give you the colour without any of the flavour impact. 

Did you know that if you use quality saffron to make a rice dish the yellow you expect of 'Saffron Rice', your dish will be unpalatable? This is due to the bitterness of the saffron. Saffron is definitely a product where less is more, you might not notice its presence, but you will certainly notice its absence.

Saffron has three key compounds; Crocin (colour), Picrocrocin (flavour) and Safranal (aroma), and these compounds degrade quickly with exposure to air and light.

Image description: Saffron has three key compounds; Crocin (colour), Picrocrocin (flavour) and Safranal (aroma), and these compounds degrade quickly with exposure to air and light.

Here at Gamila at Beechworth, we lock the compound potency and benefits into our unique Saffron Extract. To give you a little inspiration on cooking with our Saffron Extract, here are my top kitchen hacks and by the end of this read I guarantee you’ll be adding this product to your cart!


Our Saffron Extract works as a seasoning, bringing balance to both savoury dishes and sweet. You can add it at the start of a dish, for example, when you are frying onions in extra virgin olive oil by adding 10 drops as a foundation for which to build your dish on, or 5 drops can be added at the end to give your dish a lift, just like you would use salt or lemon juice. If you are wanting to reduce your sugar or salt consumption, using our saffron extract can give you the same flavour impact while adhering to the reduced sugar/salt.

Saffron Extract makes using saffron easy and seamless, no need to remember to seep your saffron threads for several hours before you need them, nor to grind your strands to get a good release of flavour and colour, we have already done the hard work for you.

Your beloved breakfast dishes

Saffron loves fats and oils, as this gives the Safranal something to bind to, and Saffron Extract is the perfect addition when mixed with eggs and used in an omelette or used simply in some cream in lieu of vanilla for the scones. It’s even a good addition to your morning smoothie!

Using extract instead of threads 

If you are wanting to replace saffron in a recipe with our Saffron Extract, we'd recommend 20 drops, if the recipe is feeding 4 people. If using in a paella or risotto, take half a cup of stock, add 20 drops of Saffron Extract and use this as the first fluid you give the rice. This will ensure the rice will take on the first flavour you give it, therefore it's important that the saffron flavour is in that initial addition of liquid.

Saffron works perfectly in dishes like paella.

Image description: Saffron works perfectly in dishes like paella.

Recipe inspiration 

Be sure to check out our recipe list for inspiration, including desserts like Clafoutis, where you can easily substitute the fruits of the season, whether they be stone fruits like peaches or cherries in summer, or pears and hazelnuts in autumn. 

Our Friday night steak special is much easier and faster using our Saffron Extract in place of threads. Just add butter and extra virgin olive oil in the hot pan, 10 drops of extract, cook your steak, deglaze with wine and you are done. With spring around the corner, be sure to make our Peach Bellini a regular attendee at your parties.

Sweet dreams

Saffron has been linked to helping people who suffer from insomnia. You can try this organic remedy by adding a few drops to your night time hot chocolate or tea if you’re suffering from restless nights.

Using our unique Australian Saffron Extract is limited only by your imagination - use it and make everything delicious. You don’t have to be a masterchef to get creative so why not try it for yourself!