Australian olives black and green on tree with blue sky

Mum's best friend when I was growing up was a Jewish lady who came via Shanghai as a child. She had these great memories of exploring all the amazing and weird food options, and this steered her life and her passion for food. We were part of the weekly family dinners, which could have as few as 8 or as many as 22 people. There were always chremslachs leftover after Passover, and fantastic smallgoods from the Russian deli could be found in the fridge. The first thing you were offered when you walked into the house, didn't matter after how long or how short a time, or what time of day, was coffee and food. There were vigorous arguments around the dining room table, that you learnt not to take personally, the youngest kids got the table legs, there were magic tricks and make your own sushi nights. All food, all family, all memories. 

She taught me to smell my food to figure out what the ingredients were, and you had to guess what was cooking by smell rather than looking on the stove. These years of practice gave me the skills to design the unique products I do, like our Pickled Cherries and Pickled Blueberries, while also allowing me to be an Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Judge.

With her in mind, I'm very proud to say our Australian grown Wild Fermented Olives are now Kosher Certified, all of them are suitable for Passover except for Summertime as it has coriander seeds in it. So, this Hanukkah season, whether you're after a present for the teachers or taking food around to the in-laws, be sure to jump online and order some of our award-winning olives.

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