Saffron powder in capsule

Saffron has been used in herbal medicine for many centuries and is considered a warming and stimulating herb. It is also starting to be explored in western medicine.

We recommend our Saffron Extract for wellness, as a consistent amount can be taken each day, and doses can be increased and decreased easily.

Significant research and evidence exist on the benefits of saffron on eye health, specifically macular degeneration.

Saffron is known to have soporific effects, i.e. it helps you go to sleep, and I can attest our bees always conk out in the patch.

It is believed that it has positive effects on mood stabilisation, but maybe that is because it makes everything delicious.

It may reduce inflammation and have good antioxidants.

Some people are trialling it as an oral treatment for psoriasis and eczema.

Always take your Saffron Extract in a fat based liquid, ie. milk, as there are compounds that need to bind to fat molecules, ideally at night.

We recommend starting with 5 drops per day and increasing to 10 drops after 2 weeks if no adverse effects have been identified.

Note: pregnant women should be cautious, as high doses of saffron can bring on contractions. 

Remember to mention to your doctor that you are taking saffron, as sometimes herbal medicines can interact with prescription and over the counter medicines, however at this stage there are no known interactions for saffron.

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