• How saffron can help with health and wellness
    Saffron powder in capsule

    Saffron has been used in herbal medicine for many centuries and is considered a warming and stimulating herb. It is also starting to be explored in western medicine.

    We recommend our Saffron Extract for wellness, as a consistent amount can be taken each day, and doses can be increased and decreased easily.

    Significant research and evidence exist on the benefits of saffron on eye health, specifically macular degeneration.

    Saffron is known to have soporific effects, i.e. it helps you go to sleep, and I can attest our bees always conk out in the patch.

    It is believed that it has positive effects on mood stabilisation, but maybe that is because it makes everything

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  • Our Australian Grown Olives are now Kosher
    Australian olives black and green on tree with blue sky

    Mum's best friend when I was growing up was a Jewish lady who came via Shanghai as a child, it's for her that our Australian grown olives are now Kosher

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  • My Saffron Story for the Australian Farmers Podcast
    Picking saffron flowers - telling our story - Australian farmers

    A few weeks ago I had the chance to sit down and talk to Angie Asimus for the National Farmers Federation podcast. Their aim is to share stories from the farm and connect consumers to the humans behind the produce they buy, which is especially important with lettuces at $13 each and the other pressures we're all facing.

    Just to set the seen, the day was rainy and drab, threatening snow...again, so we were in town in the commerical kitchen packing out olives. I, of course, failed to turn the power switch on for my laptop charger, so between lack of internet and lack of power, the interview was a little hap hazard, but I don't think you can tell.

    Angie asks some great questions about

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  • How 'Why' helps to #BreakTheBias - Being a Female Farmer
    Gamila in front of an olive tree

    International Womens Day 2022 and Why we should #BreaktheBias

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  • When should I lift my saffron corms?
    Close up of Gamila with saffron strands in palm

    Many of you who have been growing your saffron for several years now are asking, 'When should I lift?'. Well it depends, and here are the reasons.

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