Aviation Cocktail with Pickled Cherries

  • 60ml quality slightly herbaceous gin,
    I use Distillery No:209, but West Winds The Sabre would also work
  • 15ml Crème de violette liqueur
  • 15ml Saffron pickled cherries liquor
  • 15ml fresh squeezed lemon juice
Aviation Cocktail with saffron cherry syrup

Crème de violette can be an overpowering liqueur, but nothing compares to the delicate floral notes it provides a well balanced cocktail.
The Aviation is a classic sour cocktail, we give it a modern twist here with the use of the liquor from our saffron pickled cherries in lieu of the maraschino liqueur.


Place all ingredients in a shaker add ice.
Shake and strain into a coupé glass
Garnish with a twist of lemon and a pickled cherry or two.
Serves 1